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Lonely Seagull


Newfoundland is home to many sea birds and the hearing gull is a very dominant species! I grew up in a fishing community so they were ever present and often seen soaring above the fishing boats and stages waiting for a free meal! I didn’t live far from the shore and you could hear them squabble and squawk at all hours. I recall hearing my grandfather saying  “When seagulls gather over land, a change of weather is close at hand”  so I always associated their behaviour with bad weather.  My dad would tell me to watch for large groups hovering over the ocean as I would surely catch sight of a whale or two chasing after a school of caplin! I actually came across a huge pod of whales feeding because of this! (You’ll find a video on Youtube lol).    I cracked out this lonely old seagull on a cliff with molding paste and pallet knife from the leftovers for my daisy! Original 12×16

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