Splittin’ Cod

Splittin’ Cod


 As I painted this, my thoughts kept going back to my hometown and the many fisher folks in my community who spent countless hours working with cod to feed and take care of their families! I’m so appreciative of my heritage and therefore very happy I can capture a little piece of it with paint ❤ Original 16×20 Acrylic.

Splittin’ cod is a labour intensive art which takes speed and skill! For those who are not familiar, it refers to a process also known as ‘Making Fish” which involves cutting the codfish head off, removing bones and splitting the belly to remove the guts. Codfish were split, cleaned, salted and cured (dried by the sun) in order to preserve them. In the days before Newfoundland was settled, this was one of the ways codfish was prepared by fishermen who participated in the migratory fisheries, so that the cod could be shipped to European markets without getting spoiled.  Many Newfoundlanders still prepare cod this way and it is still used for traditional meals like fisherman’s brewis or fish and brews! It is YUMMY!
Thank you to Wayne Parsons Photography who permitted me the use of his beautiful reference photo for the inspiration for this painting.




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