The Lord is My Sheppard


In April 2020, a lady in one of the groups I’m in shared this photo she snapped of her dad reading the bible. He was isolating in a hotel room.
It evoked a lot of emotion for me as it made me think of my mom who was steadfast in her beliefs and always turned to prayer especially in troubled times. It also got me thinking about the many people who are struggling with losses, stress and sadness during this time. My heart was broken when I saw this photo. I’m not overly religious by any stretch but I’ve thrown up more prayers this while than I’ve ever done and I’m sure many out there have turned to prayer to find solace and hope during this pandemic. As I scrolled through Facebook that morning, it was filled with post after post of people who are not doing so great because of COVID-19, flooding in Ft. McMurray and other situations. I’m was thinking about you all and sent up a few more prayers as I was doing the underpainting. Thank you Wendy for permission to paint this beautiful photo. 16×20 Acrylic.

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